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Bokeo wild tea Cooperative has been established and provides social services for more than 4 years, with the goal of developing the community to be sustainable, self-sufficient and using the potential of natural resources in the community to become a sustainable business, at the same time, it also raises awareness among the people about the protection of natural resources. 
Natural Tea, Meung District, Bokeo Province has been certified as a good quality tea and there are many benefits to the human body, we sincerely hope that our tea products will help you stay healthy and enjoy a wide range of use.

Bokeo Wild Tea is actively committed to the reduction of waste and harming of natural resources in the environment  by demonstrating improved of operational efficencies and methods. 

Our Products

Green Tea

Green tea does contain caffeine, though in smaller amounts than coffee and most other kinds of tea In this myth or even today when so many medical studies are being published about tea as a medicinal aid. Benefits include a laundry list of healthful effects that include a reduced risk of stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and various cancers. The drink can also improve artery and vein efficiency and help reduce stress.

Black Tea

BLACK TEA: This popular tea is thought to be a lung cleanser and a stroke, among other things. Black teas are composed of fermented leaves and have the highest caffeine content of all teas.

Wild White Tea

White tea uses raw materials that only includes the end buds of the bush. Generally, this white tip tea consists of young of minimally processed leaves that come from a plant known as “camellia sinnensis”.


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